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  • oh man. *midnight ramblings*

    a week until graduation. a week. a WEEK. seven days. five school days.

    this is so surreal! and while I can’t wait to be done with finals, free, and able to focus on college, i still can’t believe that i’m not going to be living here in sac and living through my routine. i can’t fathom life without these faces and natomas… yet.

    and while i’m excited about college like no other, I MUST accumulate as much money as possible over the summer. -_- like no joke, college is so scarily expensive.. 

    I’m gonna open up a commission site, make business cards, draw/paint/design, and if i’m good enough, put myself on linkedin, try to get published on threadless, and open up internet art shops. I wanna learn how to make accesories and stuff because it seems cool and I can open up an etsy shop. Take lots of stock images to make money on shutterstock. Eventually finish my comic book so I can sell copies. apply to a bajillion scholarships. look for jobs. apply to a bajillion more scholarships. be frugal scrooge for the next four years. anything. SOMETHING. i feel bad for putting this economic burden on my parents. And i need money to eventually pay for art college later on in life. -___-

    … sigh. gah. 

    i hate money. 

    okay, back to studying for calculus tomorrow. goodnight!

    1. jeronimofo said: Enjoy it!!!! Haha make it last! My grad is tomorrow…
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