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  • summerdays..

    it’s been a while. (since the last rant)

    so summer has been pretty busy; from graduation to grad trip to hanging out with people before they leave to hanging out with kuya to summer classes to working extra hours. I’ve had nights where i’ve overslept, underslept, busy days, and lazy days where i wallow in the great feeling of lethargy.

    right now I just had a good tumblr session and i forgot how much fun tumblr is. 

    in fact, scrolling through one’s own tumblr posts is like stepping back in time. it’s scary and strange to see the thoughts that i used to think. 

    .. in other news i have been drawing. alot. and researching tons of stuff to get better at drawing. or rather more like sketching alot. fleshing out ideas for this gosh-durn comic book that i am on the verge of a breakthrough with. I’m finalizing some storyline points and doing research on clothing and architecture to finalize the feel of it all. I just have to practice/flesh out the settings, mecha, and clothing for things because i’ve neglected developing them myself. It might take a while but it’s GONNA HAPPEN (: i’ve decided that i can’t go on an make other stories in life until i get this one out of my system. So yeah, after i finalize the story with my editor-cousin, cut out the fluff, consolidate my overdetailed-ness, and actually draw the damn thing I might post some previews on here! (: It’s gonna be cool. really cool. At least, I hope you’ll think its cool. *crosses fingers!*

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